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Words By Women: Poem By Eileen Myles

Maxfield Parrish

By Eileen Myles

I always put my pussy in the middle of trees like a waterfall like a doorway to God like a flock of birds. I always put my lover's cunt on the crest of a wave like a flag that I can pledge my allegiance to. This is my country. Here, when we're alone in public. My lover's pussy is a badge is a night stick is a helmet is a deer's face is a handful of flowers is a waterfall is a river of blood is a bible is a hurricane is a soothsayer. My lover's pussy is a battle cry is a prayer is lunch is wealth is happy is on teevee has a sense of humor has a career has a cup of coffee goes to work meditates is always alone knows my face knows my tongue knows my hands is an alarmist has lousy manners knows her mind I always put my pussy in the middle of trees like a waterfall a piece of jewelry that I wear on my chest like a badge here in America so my lover & I can be safe.

-Eileen Myles

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Painting by Elly Smallwood


In honor of International Women's Day, this week we will publish Words By Women, a segment featuring quotes, poetry and literature by fearless women.


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