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Howl, New York

Founded in November 2016 by Julia de la Torre, Howl, New York is a Digital Magazine aimed at the cultured, sharp, open-minded, hungry & loving person. 

Our main focus rests on art and culture as well as raising awareness regarding sex and gender education.

Our name, HOWL, is inspired by the great poem penned by Allen Ginsberg in 1954. As such, we stand for similar values and ideals the controversial piece of literature once did; the uninhibited, spirited, bold, loud, loving, sexual, angry, resistant, revolutionary, artistic, and unapologetic proliferation of ideas and radical content that is much-needed in the world.  

Spoken in its native tongue, the internet, we aim to reach far and wide, providing a comfortable space for creatives all over the world to come share, read, interact, and learn; we want to be openly destigmatizing subjects and sharing art that inspires and resonates with us.


Howl, New York!

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