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Poets Corner: The Book Of Longing by Leonard Cohen

The Book of Longing

I can't make the hills The system is shot I'm living on pills For which I thank G-d

I followed the course From chaos to art Desire the horse Depression the cart

I sailed like a swan I sank like a rock But time is long gone Past my laughing stock

My page was too white My ink was too thin The day wouldn't write What the night pencilled in

My animal howls My angel's upset But I'm not allowed A trace of regret

For someone will use What I couldn't be My heart will be hers Impersonally

She'll step on the path She'll see what I mean My will cut in half And freedom between

For less than a second Our lives will collide The endless suspended The door open wide

Then she will be born To someone like you What no one has done She'll continue to do

I know she is coming I know she will look And that is the longing And this is the book

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