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Poets Corner: All My News, by Leonard Cohen

All My News

(by Leonard Cohen, in “Book of Longing”)

1. I was not meant to be renown in the present market town,

but in the future some may find what might be used to change a mind

from slaughter in the name of peace to honouring complexities,

and thus influence politics with deeper balance deeper checks.

2. Look on low look on high, see with Love’s inhuman eye

not only charge of opposites (the broken heart the healing fix),

but what engenders every turn— the leader on her knees will learn.

And he who’s sick with heavy thought will cherish it and fold his cot.

3. Do not decode these cries of mine— They are the road, and not the sign.

Nor deconstruct my drugless high— I’m sober but I like to fly.

The quickened with my open talk, you need not pick the ancient lock.

4. Mystery now, and now Revealed I bend to Thee my will to yield,

and whisper here my gratitude for every tear of restless mood;

Who lets me breach the walls of time so I could touch the ones to come

with wisdom that my parents spoke (established on an anecdote),

and shorthand of the unborn mind with graceful effort all combined.

5. Undeciphered let my song rewire circuits wired wrong,

and with my jingle in your brain, allow the Bridge to arch again.

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