Javier Martin's "Blindness Alma" And Other Works


Javier Martin, 32

Originally From

I was born in Ceuta, Spain a small Spanish territory in Northern Africa, but I grew up in Marbella. However, I have also lived in Asia for several years including Hong Kong and Seoul.

Currently Based

I am currently based in Miami, FL. But I often find myself traveling.

Themes in your work

As an artist I have a responsibility, art has a purpose and in my opinion should not just be beautiful. I want to express something powerful and meaningful in my work, and I base much of my art on my observations and what is happening in the world around me. Everything from consumerism, immigration, war, and the superficiality of society. However, I do not criticize but use my art to communicate. I invite the viewer to think critically and reflect on the issues I believe are especially prevalent.

"I have a responsibility, art has a purpose and in my opinion should not just be beautiful"

Art medium

I don’t subscribe to one specific style or medium. My focus is the message. I work with different materials and techniques, from painting, sculpture, and performance. However, I often work with wood, and about six to seven years ago I began exploring the use of lights in my work. I believe in freedom, and adhering to one style would cut my wings.

Artistic process

I have a book where I put all of my thoughts. I have been working with my Blindness concept for over a decade, so my method varies as I’m continually experimenting and trying new things. One of the most critical aspects is investigating and sourcing my materials and how to execute the ideas that I have.

Upcoming Shows

I have a few group shows happening simultaneously in Paris, Seoul, and Montreal.

Recently in Art Basel I presented two different installations, including Blindness Alma | A Room Without Walls , this is the latest extension of my Blindness Collection, which will be on view at Valli Art Gallery through the end of January.

Blindness Alma is a 64 square-foot immersive installation that encapsulates a decade of my work into one transcendental physical space.•

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Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/javiermartinartist/featured

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