Introducing: Collage Artist Lauren Munns

Name: Lauren Munns

Age: 27

Hometown: Clearwater, Florida

Based in: Brooklyn, NY

“I am fascinated with ideas of growth, evolution and humans’ perceptions of each other. Using traditional “feminine” color palettes, textures and imagery, I manipulate the most notable parts of the female form like lips, curves and hair into abstract forms. With other elements, this transformation of the human figure creates new conversations of “where did we derive from”, “what are we” and “where are we headed?” Says artist Lauren Munns of her work.

“The female form is of course the primary inspiration in my work. When flipping through magazines and other collage materials, I find great inspiration in the crease of a knee or the twist in a torso. These curves can become something completely different when taken out of context. I’m looking at women from different backgrounds and cultures, old and young, and seeing how their forms interact with one another when placed into a collage realm. I think this interaction mirrors the way that humans interact and blend together. Some works may read less provocative, but as the body is more manipulated, that same knee crease can read as something else entirely. It’s about the human perspective, seeing what you want to see (as the Rorschach-like ink blots symbolize) and making judgments.” Lauren continues.

Much of Lauren's work is about looking to the past and seeing how it shapes the future, especially through traditions within family and an individual's personal ideals. “I’ve been working primarily with collage as of late, but my roots are in drawing. Sometimes, adding in the hand-drawn details or collaging with old drawings is the best finishing element to a collage. I believe that art always is somewhat fueled by the political and social interactions at the time work is made. Although my work is not made in response to a particular cause or movement, I stand that female empowerment and equality are topics that need to be discussed.”

“By taking the female form and manipulating it into fleshy abstract forms, I think my work forces people into conversations that may be a little uncomfortable, bringing up ideas of sexuality and equality”



Instagram: @munnsyy

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