Introducing: Ana Bathe

Ana Bathe, Berlin-based photographer, model and makeup artist shares with us the vision behind the composition of her photographs.

“My work often takes a critical view of political, social and cultural issues, through exploration of gender roles and aims to spark a dialogue about censorship, body politics and the role of gender.” Ana tells us “By simultaneously assuming the roles of the model, make-up artist and photographer, I am able to give my philosophies a visual body.”

Artist: Ana Bathe

Age: 29

Born in: Belgrade

Based in: Berlin

Inspirations: Poetry, Claude Cahun, Tarkovsky, current events

Themes in your work: Feminism, irony and androgyny

“Sadly a lot of people still need to be reminded, in this day and age, that refugees and immigrants are not here to take your jobs away and that feminism does not equate to men hating.”