Instagrammable Art: The Digital Movement

Refinery29's "29 Rooms", Pipilotti Rist's "Pixel Forest", Random International’s  "Rain Room", Kusama's "Infinity Mirror Rooms" , Museum of feelings, Glade, NYC, New York, art shows, howl magazine, instagram, instagrammable art, social media, disposable art, fine art, digital art, photo, julia de la torre

Refinery29's "29 Rooms"

Art has always been ever-changing, seeking its expression via unconventional mediums which eventually become mainstream. Today your screen is the medium, and we're not talking about cinema. Art is now being created specifically to be consumed through your screen– something that is unmistakably marking a new era in art– the digital movement.

The consumption of art through screens essentially breaks into two groups; art created for screens (think gifs), and art expressed through another medium but being largely consumed through screens– which is what I'll be focusing on, for now.

There are artists who were way ahead of the game in terms of understanding this phenomenon and have harnessed all