Words By Women: Bawdy Love Manifesto by Lauren Marie Fleming

I am worthy of love right now, right here, no exceptions. My voice deserves to be heard, my body deserves to be seen, my soul deserves to be nourished. I do not have to earn decadence, joy, and pleasure. Thriving is my birth-right.

Bawdy Love is a revolution, a loud declaration that every body is worthy and no body is shameful.

When the world tells you to be smaller, I want you to be more grandiose.

When the world tells you to change, I want you to invest even more in yourself.

When the world tries to silence your story, I want you to shout it from the rooftops.

– Lauren Marie Fleming

Photo Source: @mynameisjessamyn

In honor of International Women's Day, this week we will publish Words By Women, a segment featuring quotes, poetry and literature by fearless women.

#WordsbyWomen #LGBTQ #Feminism #BodyPositivity

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