What the Whitney Biennial Tells Us About Art Today

1) Art is Political With the current state of political and social divisiveness in the United States, it’s no wonder the Whitney Biennial this year is saturated with political work. The Whitney has always focused on featuring the contemporary work of American artists, and most American artists today are angry, passionate and opinionated– and the biennial does not attempt to sugarcoat that. The pieces and installations beg the spectator to witness the racism, exclusivity, violence, segregation and capitalist opulence of America today, and pose the question: Now that you know, what will you do?
 Once you’ve seen it, you can't look away. For reference, see: Jon Kessler (Floor 5), Rafa Esparza (Floor 1), John Divola (Floor 5), Deanna Lawson (Floor 6), Henry Taylor (Floor 6), Ajay Kurian (Stairwell), and many more.