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What’s wrong with my vagina? Episode 9: Zits

Q: What’s wrong with my vagina?

A: It has a zit

 Photo by Eliza Brenessell

Zits. They’re pretty straightforward. When you see (or feel) one on your face- there’s no question of what it is. Even those blessed with the clearest is of skin has had and can identify one. But, when it comes to one on your V, it can be a little more mystifying.

Pimples down there can occur on the outside (bikini line, or wherever hair grows) or on the inside (usually on the labia, or pretty near to the outside). Of course, they might come and go unnoticed, but you’ll come across them as they can be painful, or you’ll feel them when you come into contact with them. It will look like a zit you have on your face; a small reddish bump with a whitehead. Why do they occur? Culprits include sweat, shaving or harsh soaps. I’m LOLing as I give you this advice that I can’t even abide by which of course is, don’t pop it. Zits anywhere on our body are better off running their own course as opposed to us trying cut them off before their time. It can lead to infection and larger problems. Hot showers and baths will keep it clean and help it take care of itself. If it’s killin’ ya, do a couple hot compresses a day to speed the process along as well as relieve the pain. All sorts of bumps can come and go on a vagina and sometimes it’s tricky (and anxiety-inducing) to try to figure out what it is. Bumps in the vaginal area can sometimes be normal if they have been there for a relatively long time and have not been painful, grown in size or spread over the area. Zits on vaginas will either go down or pop. If you find a bump on your vagina that doesn’t go away within about a week, make a trip to your doc to check it out. You’re bound to get one or two (or one hundred) in your lifetime. Use them as an excuse to practice self-discipline and don’t pop them! •


Molly-Margaret Johnson is a Brooklyn based artist. While she is not a doctor, she is excited to share her vaginal experiences with others in hopes to answer questions and end taboos. 

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