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What's Wrong With My Vagina? Episode 8: Chlamydia

Q:  What’s wrong with my vagina?

A: Chlamydia but it’s NBD

Chlamydia is the Fisher-Price of STDs. It’s super common, uneventful and incredibly easy to treat (Yes, it’s treatable!). I’ve had chlamydia a handful of times and I know countless other people with vaginas who have too. The reason it’s so common is because it usually goes symptomless regardless of genitalia. The way I have described it, that almost everyone agrees with, is that something just doesn’t quite feel right. It feels funky down there but no true symptoms you can really pin down. The more blatant yet less common symptoms include pain during sex and/or peeing, yellowish discharge or abnormal bleeding between periods. I’ve never had any of these symptoms due to chlamydia so the best way I can describe it is that something will just feel “off”. 

If this sounds like something you’re experiencing, go ahead and get yourself tested. You should also get tested between sexual partners and after having unprotected sex. If I’m not in a monogamous relationship, I try to get tested once every three months even if things seem in tip-top shape down there. Chlamydia is sneaky like that.

The test for chlamydia is as easy as a trip to a free clinic or GYN and getting a swab test. If your test comes back positive, you’ll be put on a dose of antibiotics and a recommended week-long dry spell until you’re all cleared up. That’s it. Pretty easy.

The first time I tested positive for chlamydia I wept immediately and was so scared– I didn’t know it wasn’t serious at all or even curable. It’s truly nothing to be ashamed or scared of. I always say, the only bad STD test is the one you don’t take. Chlamydia can get worse when ignored and turn into larger medical problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Be in control and educated about your sexual wellness. Get tested– it’s the best way to show you and your sexual partners love and respect. •

Photo above by @nylo_g


Molly-Margaret Johnson is a Brooklyn based artist. While she is not a doctor, she is excited to share her vaginal experiences with others in hopes to answer questions and end taboos. 

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