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Still from Episode 1: Kimmy

We previously told you about Project Girl and their amazing project dedicated to sharing stories about girls, written and directed by girls– the web-series embodiment of #girlgaze. Project Girl premiered their first two episodes Kimmy and Bella on June 1st at ACA Galleries in Chelsea– a warm gathering of people that came together to support this inspiring project and see other female artists perform. The event sold out and was a great success, raising funds and spreading awareness about the project. Creator Connie Saltzman tells us, “​Project Girl was created in a bar in Brooklyn. Me and five other women ignited after the election and explored ways we could address one of the big issues at hand: female stories are not heard. That night, we created a space of vulnerability where unforgotten stories from our childhood flowed freely and without shame. Project: Girl wants to bring that community to the world through film.”

Almost a year later, Project:Girl has grown to a team of 10 women spearheaded by co-founders Connie Saltzman, Kate Tolo, and Stephanie Bonner. They collect true stories from women, which the Project:Girl writing team then adapts into short film scripts.

Episodes 1 & 2, Kimmy and Bella, are glimpses into lasting moments that shaped two young girls. Kimmy follows a girl’s personal relationship with sexuality, masturbation, and her moment of being exposed. Bella explores the line between a female friendship and idolization, and the influence it has on a girl’s identity.

The girls from Project:Girl have just wrapped up filming three more episodes to be premiering to the public at the ITVFest in October, with another animated episode created by artist Irene Feleo in the works. There's no doubt the Project:Girl team has a special project on their hands and an incredibly talented cast and crew executing it, not to mention its a historically critical time to be sharing our stories as minorities and women. We couldn't be more excited to see what's in store for them. Check out the first two episodes below!

Episode 1: Kimmy

Episode 2: Bella

Sneak Peak of the next episode of Project:Girl

Project:Girl Team

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