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This is the second time we feature the work of the talented up-and-coming director Sebastian Sdaigui on Howl Magazine. Back in June, we wrote about his short film Headless, a captivating and refreshing look into the lives of three gender-queer artists living and thriving in New York City. Some of his past work also includes visually stunning music videos, such as Troi Irons' "Today". This week, Sdaigui premiered another impressive short film– The Girl In The Woods – starring Grace Hanson and Espen Sigurdsen, screenplay written by Elwin Van Der Meer, Stephan Boss, and Tyler Walker. Evocative of Martin McDonagh's dark humor and a touch of Winding Refn's flair, The Girl In The Woods is a short film which explores crime, honor, and violence in a post truth, hyper real world. It follows two social outcasts, Beatrix and Charlie, who find solace in one another while facing quirky characters they meet on the way from brothel girls to art dealers. In the quest to save the orphanage where they not only met but had the only sense of home, they trigger a showdown between bad and not as bad. Keep an eye on Sdaigui's work through his website, and watch The Girl In The Woods below!

The Girl In The Woods (2017)


Charlie - Espen Sigurdsen

Beatrix - Grace Hanson

Mr Sunshine - Benny Ash

Solomon Wolf - Wozz Lozowski

Ms. Van Woodss - Thais Kirby

Elizabeth - Camille Grenier

Mrs Marie - Melissa Hillman

Torture Victim - LaReina Phelan Follow The Girl In The Woods

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