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The PoopCulture: Reimagining Princesses

Artist: Thepoopculture

Age: 25

Born in: London

Based in: London

Inspirations: Fashion, current events, celebrities, pop culture, the color of the sky (sometimes), trash tv, the internet.

Themes in your work: Current news, Kanye, The Disney Reimagined series

In your recent work, you take the image of Disney Princesses and reconstruct them into a product of contemporary pop culture. What inspired you to do this?

I was experiencing major creative block with a project I was working on and I needed to get away from my train of thought so I created the image of Cinderella wearing the ‘we should all be feminists’ t-shirt by Dior. It got a lot of positive attention and I really enjoyed the creative process behind the making of the image and it sparked so many other ideas in my mind. Cinderella would definitely be a feminist if she was living in 2017 and I wanted to show that… look out because there are more on the way!

“I create topical and humorous illustrations responding to pop culture and topical news stories every day”

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