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Poets Corner: I Have Loved You Before by Jessï Schultz

I have loved you before, In the windswept village of our forgotten sea. There is the sound of reef fish whispering, of eels slithering out from the underworld, fallen stars who rest peacefully on the bottom. There is a vast darkness without you near me. Without your love, I barely know myself. It is resolute as a gale of wind, this search. My purpose is to love you, I feel the surge, To rise up following your trail of stars. In the azure pantheon threatening the sky, I am the albatross who follows your vessel, Into the balmy tidelands of weeping palms, Through the unsung path of warships, Among the clouds where angels sit. I gather feathers to keep a’float, In the hanging air. Across a holy field of celestial bodies, I found relics of our dreams, Navigating through the constellations we built. Where you once held me - When I loved you before. But you still elude me, sick sailor; The separation of our mutual enigma, is too much weight to carry. Your absence brings on the storm. Frozen air begins to tear through my wings, There is a brutality in this desolation, but I keep- Flying, flying With this kind of love, I must be the wayfarer. And this squall will pass, the sky will return, Because you are my favorite mystery. Nothing holds me but you, Tethered like a string to a cloud. And if there is any love left, I will be nourished in full by that living essence, And my deluge will not be in vain, The siren's song will not go unheard. When I love you, I can go on living in the arms of the sea, Holding out for the first sunrise, Red with a bouquet of violet mania.

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