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Poets Corner: Five Part Poem by Adra Kandil

Five Part Poem

by Adra Kandil

Pt. i

Collecting raindrops from the sky

I count your words as they pass me by

They string me along

And weaken my bones

And with each letter

I feel more alone

A hurricane is brewing inside your mouth

I could hear the ocean echoing on your tongue

I try to run

But it gets so loud

Sometimes I wither where the wind blows

With every uttering

I fade violently

You were a crashing wave

Flooding the room

And at that moment

I begin to crack

Little pieces of me

Fall on the cold concrete

It all turns black

Pt. ii


A stroke of calm

The stillness ends the storm

you’re gone

Pt. iii

You wanted lilac

I was a shade too dark

when we blended,

they didn’t understand our art

Little did you know

Your were the first

You were the spring

That sprouted the flowers from my ribs

but now I must learn to grow them on my own

Pt. iv

today, three hundred and seventy two raindrops fell

and I’m still waiting for that storm again

Pt. v

now I know why they name hurricanes after people

Via Deseo Divergente Tumblr


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