PhotoPhiles: Harakirina

Harakirina is a visual artist coming from Vigo, Spain. She uses photography to construct a unique and colorful world of her own. Her own model, art director, and photographer, her work is a DIY expression of individuality. Most of Harakirina’s photographs are taken in her own bedroom which thus breaks the wall of a priori intimate space and changes it into a stained-glass display window into the universe of neon lights, sharp knives, crumbly eye-shadows, and Y2K metallic love.

“Following a set of original aesthetic and expressionist criteria, I recreate either gloomy environments inhabited by melancholy or colorful scenes filled with my attitude. I am a dissident of the imposed morality, the reality created by the system, the machismo rooted in the reality, the canons of fascist beauty, gender roles, and everything normative, that judges and punishes other forms of being, thinking, bodies, sexual practices, etc. not understood and punished by the system and governments.”

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