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Our Relief Fund for Mexico Victims: DONATE HERE

Some of you might know that I am the founder and editor of Howl Magazine New York and I come from a bi-cultural family of both American and Mexican blood.

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This past week's events have deeply shaken my family and I. Some of us are in the US, some of us are in the affected areas in Mexico– but we've come together to arrange a relief fund that will directly help affected areas in rural Mexico (such as the Mixteca Poblana) that have received little to no help or news coverage. We will be monitoring these affected areas and gathering centers to know exactly what is needed from us– whether it be sanitary products, medicine, diapers, underwear, shovels, gauze, etcetera.

Volunteers and brigades have been digging through the past two nights rescuing people that are still caught under collapsed buildings. Thousands of people have been displaced and have lost their belongings and homes, and upwards of 230 people have been killed. This earthquake of 7.1 magnitude was preceded two weeks earlier by the strongest earthquake in Mexico in a century– September 7th's 8.2 magnitude quake. However, even at a lower magnitude, Tuesday's Earthquake caused substantially more damage and deaths– with an epicenter between Puebla and Mexico City (in Jojutla)– a highly populated and poor area.

As a joint effort, my family and I have created this fund out of a need to contribute to the already amazing outpouring of support for Mexico– and to assure our donors and ourselves that our money is going directly to the hands of those in need. Unfortunately, there have been some fake or misleading charities being set up that have left people confused about where to donate their money. We vow to use 100% of the donations to purchase materials needed by these communities. The list of items will be changing regularly and you can stay up to date with our fund on our Facebook page Rebuild Mexico.

Anyone in the world can donate! This project was set up specifically with international people in mind– given the fact that the dollar or euro goes a very long way in Mexico's economy. For perspective, a box of ibuprofen can be bought for 80 cents on the US Dollar in Mexico, so literally, every single dollar counts.

Please, share this campaign with your friends, family, and amongst your community. What I spend on my daily coffees in New York can make a world difference in a victim's life.

If you are based in Mexico City or Puebla and want to help us get the materials to affected areas, feel free to reach out to us at Howl via email and we will send you more information.

Thank you Howl Mag Community. Your love and support mean the world to us.

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