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Our Official Predictions For The Oscars 2017

Tonight marks the ceremony for the 2017 Academy Awards. This past year has been an exceptional year for film and tonight the Academy honors the top film artists of this past year. As always, the nominees are surrounded by controversy and debate — what cannot be debated however is the refreshing range of diversity in this year’s crop of nominees. 2016/2017 has marked a pivotal year in film history and one that hopefully will continue on throughout the years. Though progress has been made, much work remains for those in the industry and those who support it. We must continue to demand a supply of films that better reflect communities and demographics more diverse than we've had in the past.

The late film critic, Roger Ebert, once said that a “film is an empathy machine”. Indeed, the films nominated this year take us on a whirlwind of emotion and empathy for the stories, characters, and cultures of each film. As the screen fades to black we're left with new levels of profound understanding and in that understanding lies the beauty of cinema. The art form continues to shape our society and our world and tonight's nominees are no exception. Enjoy tonight’s ceremony and we hope you all have watched (or will watch) the films nominated tonight.

Our predictions are in three parts: Think Will Win, Want to Win, Honorable Mention

Best Picture Think: La La Land

Want: Moonlight

Honorable: Manchester by the Sea

Best Director

Think: Damien Chazelle

Want: Damien Chazelle

Honorable: Kenneth Lonergan

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Think: Casey Affleck

Honorable: Viggo Mortensen

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Think: Emma Stone

Want: Isasbelle Huppert

Honorable: Natalie Portman

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Think: Mahershala Ali

Want: Mahershala Ali

Honorable: Lucas Hedges

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Think: Viola Davis

Want: Viola Davis

Honorable: Naomie Harris

Best Foreign Language Film

Think: A Man Called Ove

Want: The Salesman

Honorable: Toni Erdmann

Makeup and Hairstyling

Think: Star Trek: Beyond

Want: Star Trek: Beyond

Honorable: A Man Called Ove


Think: La La Land

Want: Silence

Honorable: Moonlight

Film Editing

Think: La La Land

Want: Arrival

Honorable: Hacksaw Ridge

Short Film, Live Action

Think: La Femme et le TGV

Want: La Femme et le TGV

Honorable: La Femme et le TGV

Sound Mixing

Think: Hacksaw Ridge

Want: Hacksaw Ridge

Honorable: La La Land

Visual Effects

Think: The Jungle Book

Want: The Jungle Book

Honorable: Doctor Strange

Original Score

Think: La La Land

Want: La La Land

Honorable: Jackie

Original Song

Think: “City of Stars” - La La Land

Want: “City of Stars” - La La Land

Honorable: “Audition” - La La Land & "How Far I'll Go"- Moana

Sound Editing

Think: Hacksaw Ridge

Want: Hacksaw Ridge

Honorable: Arrival

Original Screenplay

Think: Manchester by the Sea

Want: Manchester by the Sea

Honorable: Hell or High Water

Adapted Screenplay

Think: Moonlight

Want: Moonlight

Honorable: Fences

Costume Design

Think: La La Land

Want: La La Land

Honorable: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them