Meet the girls behind Project: Girl

We met up with Connie Saltzman, an actress and show creator, to talk about her latest project– Project: Girl.

Triggered into action upon the election of Trump as the President of the United States, Connie felt the need to create a show that went beyond her, a short-film series about feminism and girlhood. Moments that, no matter how small, have shaped us into the women we are today.

Below Connie tells us about her project, joined by Kate and Steph, the two other women working closest to Project:Girl, and their upcoming fundraiser for the series; a night of art, film, and feminist fun, and you are all invited!


Connie Saltzman

Kate Tolo

Stephanie Bonner

Born in:

C: Bucks County, PA

K: Mackay, Australia

S: Sacramento, California

Based in: NYC

About Project: Girl

Project: Girl is a film series based on true stories that explores the enigma of girlhood. It is also a movement for female empowerment and self-expression.

Where/how did the idea for Project:Girl originate?

CONNIE: I thought of the idea after the election. I was really shaken not just by the results– but by the enormous gap in understanding and relatedness between people in our country. The only way I’ve ever known how to bridge that gap is through personal stories.

At first, I just knew I wanted to make a film series about small moments girls experience growing up, as a way to illuminate the complexities of girlhood. Then, as my friends and I began sharing our own stories and collecting stories from other women, it became clear this was also about dispelling shame and judgment on ourselves and on others, and creating a community to openly express ourselves and connect.

At this point, the series' purpose is to create a deeper and more meaningful conversation around what it means to be a girl, and to create a space where girls and women can feel empowered to share their stories.

KATE: Connie, the director, was the creative vision behind the project! I think most women hear the mission of Project:Girl and immediately ‘get’ what it’s about. She told me about it and I was on board.

STEPHANIE: November was a hard month for a lot of women. I had been writing through a lot of my feelings when I got a call from Connie and she pitched this idea of creating a series exploring girlhood. I was immediately on board.

Who submitted the stories you’re portraying in your short films?

CONNIE: Us, our friends, family, Facebook friends, friends of friends. Diversity is constantly on our minds as we want to expand beyond our immediate circles, so please get in touch if you’d like to be involved in any way! (