Introducing: Yasmin Almo

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Age 25

Birthday IM A LEO

Where are you originally from?

Born in Russia

Where do you currently live?


Preferred art medium


Hobby or interest aside from art?

Tarot, chanting , holding babies and fried chicken

Guilty pleasures?

HOT CHEETOS , actually all cheetos.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Frida Kahlo , Madonna , Matisse , Ari Glass , Markeidiric

Favorite movie?

Save the last dance , Pan's labyrinth

Favorite Book?

The Alchemist , Weetzie Bat, Autobiography of Angela Davis

Favorite musician?

GIPSY KINGS. Seriously, if you are reading this & aren’t familiar, get familiar.

What are 3 things you want to achieve?

Cheetos sponsorship , travel to Spain, learn to oil paint (well).

What is something you deeply love about yourself? That I am able to be compassionate to those who might not be.

“Fat people can be sad and skinny people can be sad. It's your insides that need to be right.”