Introducing: Parker Day

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Parker Day is a Los Angeles based artist whose work explores identity and the masks we wear. Her focus is on fictionalized portraiture shot in studio, exclusively on 35mm film. The world she creates is populated by colorful eccentrics from the seamy side of life. She forgoes Photoshopped fantasies in favor of so-called blemishes, fly away hairs, and dust on negatives. This gritty realism serves as a counter point to her refined studio lighting and stylized subjects.

“I believe identity is a malleable construct that we have the power to dismantle” She explains. “Through my photography I explore this idea of the invention of identity. I costume my subjects and craft narratives about the character they’re becoming. When they step outside of who they think they are, something more authentic comes through. It’s that presence of true emotion that I’m looking to capture in the trappings of a manufactured circumstance."


Parker Day


Forever 29


March 28th