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Introducing: Aliens Pee Pink

“If it's respectful-ish, unapologetic and mischievous, then I’m interested. We are fortunate to have things be forbidden, allowing us to have the beautiful feeling of disobedience.”

Artist: Andrés Rangel aka Aliens Pee Pink



Born in:

Costa Rica

Based in:

New York


Food definitely inspires me. So diverse, colorful and textured. I find it therapeutic when you’re cooking your favorite meal, or eating something you’ve never tried before. It takes you to new places and/or places you loved. Food not only feeds your body but your creativity also.

Themes in your work:

Postfeminism, Postporno, Postinternet, Queer, Kitsch, Moda.

About your work:

These pieces were made with different purposes and come from different phases of my career. Their common ground is a constant exploration of the margins of gender, my crush on fashion, bodies embracing themselves, and some humor. They’re mostly digital photography, except for the collages, which were shot on 35mm and developed with a homemade developer process called ‘caffenol’ that’s basically baking soda and instant coffee. These in particular, attempt to hyperbolize the constant and very common need of people wishing their body had a little less of this, or a lot more of that; as well as how hard they try to be recognized and/or accepted mostly because of their beautiful hair, their bubble butt, firm boobs, huge dick, six pack, etc.

The ones with the fruits are part of a series of commandments, where disobedience is the protagonist: Thou shalt not eat bananas, Thou shalt not keep hair on thy mango, Thou shalt not touch thy peach. These ridiculous things society / culture / religion / family / (insert oppressor here...) might expect you to do or not to do in order to keep it normal and morally regulated. So, once again, thank you for your prohibitions, I’ll be more than glad to ignore them and do what I consider is appropriate, I do promise: I’ll enjoy it.

Mexican mariachi singer Vicente Fernández showing his great mustache and huge sombrero over Donald Trump’s forehead is merely just because it makes me laugh so hard, and also because my friend was wearing this beautiful blouse at a party, so why not.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Do aliens pee?

“[My work is] a constant exploration of the margins of gender, my crush on fashion, bodies embracing themselves, and some humor.”

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