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HEADLESS: A Visually Stunning Series Giving A Platform To The Queer Community

Headless is a new short-film series that follows three queer-identifying people throughout New York City. Sebastian Sdaigui (director) and Alanna Harrington (producer) take us through a visually and emotionally compelling journey, the subjects of the first episode– Robot, Cesar, and Infinit– expose their vulnerabilities as well as their strengths with a fierceness that will leave you wanting to know more about these fiery, charismatic artists. “I was inspired to create this film after meeting Robot, Cesar, and Infinit. I was intrigued by their perspectives, their souls radiate confidence and self-love.” says Sdaigui, “I wanted to better understand them as individuals and their journey through New York. I hope that this film will inspire people to accept and love themselves and to not be afraid to be who they are. True beauty comes from within, it does not have a face, it is headless." Headless' first episode is now available to stream, with more episodes coming soon! Stay up to date with Sdaigui's work here!

Name: Sebastian Sdaigui

DOB: June 1st, 1989

Born in: San Francisco, California

Based in: New York City

Inspirations: Kids, To Wong Foo

Where did the idea for Headless originate?

The idea of Headless actually originated more as a spur of the moment. I am a content creator at Def Jam, where I come up with concepts for content such as music videos, documentaries, etc which keeps me very busy. I love that I have the opportunity to always be creating at Def Jam but I began to have the urge to do a personal project– it had been a while since I had the time to do this. One weekend, I ended up having some free time and a camera rented for the weekend so I hit up Robot MoonJuice, who I had previously worked with on the music video Sally by Bibi Bourelly, to see if he was down to film something. He of course was down and excited to shoot and from there Headless came together naturally and was a great time.

“The movement is love”

How did you get into filmmaking?

I have always loved watching movies, as a child it was an escape for me so I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a filmmaker. My first ever film I made was for a history class my senior year. Instead of writing an essay, my teacher let me make a short 5 minute film with some friends to show what I learned.

Where did you cast/meet the Headless crew?

I met Robot while filming the music video Sally by Bibi Bourelly. Robot is such an energetic fun loving person that I was instantly drawn to him. I later hung out with him and his friends Infinite and Cesar who are just as amazing and we instantly vibed.

Artists are some of the most politically/socially engaged people. Do you find yourself actively supporting a movement or cause?

With Headless, I wanted to give Robot, Cesar and Infinit another platform to express themselves. We hope that this film will inspire people to accept and love themselves and to not be afraid to be who they are. The movement is love.

How has the internet changed how films are shared and distributed?

The internet makes it easier to share and distribute your content, it gives you a platform where you can directly reach an audience. It can be a personal engagement by utilizing social media to interact with people directly.

What's in store for Headless?

There are a few exciting things in store for Headless that include festivals and possibly even a larger platform but you'll have to stay tuned to find out!

“True beauty comes from within, it does not have a face, it is headless”

–Watch below–

Follow the creator or HEADLESS, here!


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