Getting To Know Your Anus

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Your butt is just like any other part of the body that deserves exploration and attention...even some love and sexy time! (if it’s something you’re curious about)

Interesting Facts about Butt Holes

• First, and most importantly, every human body has an anus! Regardless of gender or sex. This means that anal play is both gender neutral and not limited to sexual orientation or reproductive anatomy.

The anus is one of the most densely nerved areas of the body.

The skin that surrounds the outer rim of your anus is extremely sensitive. Sensations there are very intense and are shared with the genitals by a nerve called the Pudendal Nerve. It is for this reason anuses can easily be stimulated by merely a thumb, finger, tongue or butt plug — inserting a penis all the way up the rectum is not the only way to get pleasure.

The anus is an access point to the prostate (both male & female).

Gentle stimulation of the interior walls of the rectum allows you to reach the pleasure point of the prostate and bring a person to orgasm even without genital contact.

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The rectum includes a pair of sphincter muscles that guard the gates of your anus.

These muscular rings were designed to facilitate outgoing --rather than incoming-- objects, although they can be taught to yield in either direction. One set of these sphincter muscles is under conscious control. However, the second set must be taught how to relax when you want in order to have comfortable anal sex (more on that in a later blog).

• Things can get stuck inside the rectum.

That’s why we have to make sure that anything going up them is firmly anchored on the outside of the body so it can’t get sucked up inside.

[For a list of things that can get stuck there watch Ducky Doolittle’s video “Not In Your Butt”]

As for sex toys or any other objects lost up your bum, do not try to remove it yourself. The instinct may seem correct, but you risk moving it deeper. If you can't squat or push it out, seek medical attention. Depending on the object, this can be a very serious situation and should be treated as such.

• You can teach your rectum to relax.

Psychologist Jack Morin suggests the following technique for teaching your rectum to relax: Each night, for a week or so, one partner lubes up a clean finger and gently inserts it in the other partner’s rear. By pushing very softly and slowly this exercise builds trust and relaxation.

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• The anal opening is not self-lubricating.

That is part of the reason why you should be very cautious with your butt hole. No matter what you are putting inside a rectum, it needs to go in very slowly and come out very slowly. Otherwise, extreme discomfort and even physical damage might result.

Also, because the rectum was designed to absorb fluids back into the body, make sure anything about to be introduced is both clean and well-lubricated.

• Drugs are def not your butts bffs.

Drugs inhibit our ability to feel pain. An impaired person does not get those signals and may end up getting hurt. Your rear end is more easily damaged by sloppy sex than other body part.

Keep in mind that anal intercourse is the highest risk behavior for HIV transmission as well as other infections due to the fragile, absorbent tissue.

• There is no poop in your rectum because your rectum is merely a passageway (most of the time).

In other words, the rectum “is merely the toll booth between the colon and the toilet.” (Paul Joannides)

Nevertheless, if you have chronic pooping problems, anal sex is probably not the best kind of sex for you (or if you are temporarily not pooping normally then avoid until you are feeling healthy).

• Both women and men can orgasm from anal.

In fact, anal intercourse may be the only orgasmic outlet for some, and for others it can even be their best orgasmic outlet. Because of this, anal play is a very common sexual practice.

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When it comes down to it, there’s all sorts of good reasons to get on friendlier terms with your booty… from getting to know your body better to exploring your kinky side.

So if you are into it, stock up on that lube and start playing.

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Stay tuned for our next blog on Anal Sex: Going Deeper.

Questions? Send them to us to and we will answer them in the next post [all inquiries will be treated as confidential].

[DISCLAIMER: Never ever have anal sex unless your rectum is in good health. Don’t do it if it’s painful. Unless you are sure of what you are doing, check with a physician or qualified expert first.]

Via Deseo Divergente Tumblr

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