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Get Some Badass T-Shirts

Badass Prints, launched April 2017, is a brand new shop selling handmade screen-printed sex-positive products created in Barcelona! Badass was founded by Carla Cimino, 23-year-old graphic designer and visual creator, and Rebecca Luna, 22-year-old fashion stylist– both from Ibiza and based in Barcelona since 2012. Badass t-shirts examine the concept of gender, sexuality, and identity. They openly consider themselves pro-sex feminists.

“We believe that sexuality must stop being a taboo subject in society and that we all have the right to enjoy decent and healthy sexual education focused on pleasure, not just on prevention” Carla and Rebecca shared with us. “We believe feminism can include all people regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, social class and economic level. Our goal is to spread this message through our products, with a fun and casual tone.”

Their shirts are valued at €16 euros (17.44 dollars), which is pretty accessible compared to other popular graphic tee retailers out there! They offer national + international shipping, so you can get your badass shirt wherever you are. Shop with them now to support a budding woman-owned business with a positive message!

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