Evangeline Davis: Diversifying Femininity

Evangeline Davis' practice explores aspects of girlhood, self-expression and desire. With compassion she captures the female form in order to challenge homogeneity and embrace a continuum. Photographing post-pubescent perspectives of femininity, her work surpasses the struggle and shame of conformist ideals of beauty, into a celebration of diversity.

Artist: Evangeline Davis

Age: 22

Based in: Wellington, Zealand

Artists are some of the most politically/socially engaged people. Do you find yourself actively supporting a particular movement or cause?

Currently my photographic work is feminist focused – but I actively support causes concerning the environment, animal rights, mental illness, child poverty within New Zealand, etc. I’d like to eventually include these topics within my work.

How do you think the internet aids/complements the art world?

It’s a considerable outlet to share my work. It’s connected me with so many individuals, whom I’ve collaborated with, photographed and continuously been inspired by. It’s where my passion for photography began – through sites like Tumblr & Flickr. Being from New Zealand it's about the only way I’m informed about what’s going on in the wider art world.