DRØME Magazine: A Revolution In Print

On Thursday September 7, DRØME showcased the looks of 12 designers who dress the who’s who of the young art community in NYC at Ace Hotel New York. Doubling as the Volume II release, Revolutionere was a celebration of the young artists who generate work as a power grab back from an oppressive administration. Designers were asked to consider revolution and their own version of Americana when planning their looks. They were also provided with a pair of white low top Air Force 1’s as a blank canvas shoe to modify as they saw fit. The show involved models walking through a crowd as the Ace Hotel Lobby was open to the general public. The models all seemed to be androgynous or non-binary– bold outfits and makeup, and a lacking the extremely retouched feel NYFW shows regularly possess. Instead it felt raw, grunge and a like form of protest and celebration. Models were walking amongst us, engaging with us, almost challenging us. Over 500 attended the event. There was a vibrant energy of diversity and inclusivity; the attendees were of every color and spectrum of the gender identity rainbow. Guests included Gabrielle Richardson, Lumia Nocito, Spike Lee, Kyle McCoy, Miscallaneous Dom Top, Tessa Gourin, and Harper Slate.

What is DRØME? DRØME is an art and fashion magazine focused on elevating the voices of marginalized artists on the rise. Unique for its young leadership, the organization is run by Caroline D’Arcy Gorman and Satchel Lee.

DRØME's goal? To create content that is both modern and timeless. In my opinion, they're doing one hell of a job. Flipping through the pages of Volume II we see extremely talented photographers, artists, and charismatic characters who DRØME dubs "Crushes".

DRØME: Revolutionere's pages reflects multiple of representations of beauty– no longer just catering to the status quo's subscription of what that means. It is rare to see a print magazine that takes on fashion and diversity.

After a super fun and grunge show on September 7th, followed an after-party that had a line wrapping around the block with party-goes waiting to get inside. We met performer Lexacon that broke out some amazing dance moves on the floor– there was an overall mood of inclusivity and expressionism; partygoers were dressed in outfits that were as fabulous as they were intricate and creative. From attending their release party and show it is evident that DRØME resonates with the queer non-binary community of young NYC artists; a demographic both specific and broad.

I'd definitely recommend keeping an eye on Caroline D’Arcy Gorman and Satchel Lee, I personally can't wait to see what their next project is. Order DRØME Volume II here. •

Revolutionere was a celebration of the young artists who generate work as a power grab back from an oppressive administration”


Designers: Archie Robertson, Homic, Elle Barbeito, Possessed, Brian Swift, Sanchez-Kane, Falcon, Official Rebrand, Helena Eisenhart, Jahise LeBouef, Noah Pica, Leila Jinnah

Hair / MUA: Shideh Kafei, Maya Rene, Allison Brooke Owens, Luca Ponce, Kemi Kamugisha

Models: Cheeky Ma, Julian Wildhack-Poyser, Bailey Skye, Miski Muse, Philip Errico, Joe Ruymen, Patricia Budiman, Cameron Michael Debe, Paloma Izquierdo, Aleck Venegas, Kristen DeGirolamo, Jera Irwin

Music: Urban Creeks Daylighting

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