Cassidy Rose Reagan: Photographing Nude Women Without Sexualizing Them

Cassidy Rose Reagan is a 22-year-old photographer, actress, and casting director originally from Los Angeles currently living in New York City. Her work explores themes of sexuality, femininity, and nostalgia. She has been told that her photos exude a feeling that you can “step into them.” She aims to create worlds that the audience feels familiar with and can relate to in some way. Each photograph is like a distant memory with a specific setting, emotion, and story behind it. Cassidy supports women’s empowerment in her work and has mastered photographing nude women without sexualizing them.

Her preferred art medium is film photography because the photos have a quality that digital does not– capturing a moment in time in a very specific way. Her artistic process is spontaneous and comes from specific images she has in her head. Interesting faces and different locations usually inspire her work. “The key to creating is to just keep making work even if you feel uninspired and hate what you are making, because everything leads to something else.”


Instagram: @lilcass54

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