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Academy Awards 2018: Diversity In Film

This year, the Academy has chosen to include a more diverse palette in its list of nominees, one that is truer to the sensibilities and diversity that conform our culture. Films that represent stories that have long existed without being heard.

In the era of social media, its use involves a constant exploration on how to translate our personal lives and identity into the digital language– this trend points towards creating a perfect-life façade inhabited by photogenia frenzy. What happens to the flaws that are cut out of our virtual identities? They come haunt us in our moments of solitude, making the distance between individuals grow exponentially.

To me, the magic in film lies in its ability to let us connect with others, sometimes even secretly; to wash away the feeling of loneliness. When a film shows us what a character does in moments of intimacy, it can be the much-needed pat in the back that tells you “it’s all right, you’re not the only one feeling that way”, reminding us of our humanity; all the uniqueness and collectiveness being a human involves.

The panorama of today’s media is showing hints of a new posture towards diversity. I believe I’m not the only one in hoping that is not merely a phase or a trend, but a new era. We need more personal true stories, closer to reality than the fiction behind instastories.

As announced last month, this year’s nominees for Best Picture are:

(Click on tabs below to read more about each film)

We are a week away from the Academy Awards. Stay tuned to learn more about these films, what inspired their creators, and a playlist with our favorite songs from the nominees' soundtrack. •

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