9 Sex Toys You Should Try

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On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me... A Butt Plug Set of Three!

If you're ever in the New York City area we absolutely recommend you visit Babeland — wonder-cave of sex toys. The staff is diverse, feminist and body-positive on top of extremely knowledgeable on everything sex.

If you are a more discreet individual or can't make it to NYC soon... not to worry! There are many awesome online sex toy retailers that ship worldwide. We recommend you check out babeland.com or adameve.com. Women have perfected the act of faking it for centuries and have set aside their orgasm time and time again to please their partner, and that is some archaic bullshit. Everyone has the right and freedom to explore their own body however they wish to, and we highly encourage you to. There are as many sex toys as there are sexual preferences, so we really recommend you have some fun exploring your options with a partner or solo!

1. A Good Vibrator So many variations to choose from! Regardless of your sex, everyone can enjoy a good vibrator; there is a vibrator for every occasion. Below are a few we recommend.

- Pocket Vibrator: Small, discreet and travel-sized, you can take this lil thing anywhere you go & be prepared for a good time with yourself and/or your partner!

- Rabbit: The rabbit vibrator is dual action; penetration and vibrator, for people with a vagina who enjoy simultaneous stimulation. (or you can use the dildo and the vibrator part separately, 2 in 1!) A note on rabbit vibrators: There are all kinds from cheap to very expensive. Keep in mind that the cheaper ones make for lesser quality material and rigidness, and the more expensive ones are silkier in texture and most likely made with body-safe materials. Falling somewhere in between these two you can prob get yourself a great rabbit for around $50.

- Vibrating Butt Plug: If you enjoy anal penetration, a vibrating butt plug adds all the more sensation to your anal play. If you are a person with a prostate, this toy is great to stimulate that G-spot!

- JimmyJane Form 4 vibrator: Described to us in Babeland as “surround sound for your clit”, you should give this pricey toy a try if you’re able to splurge a little this holiday season. #treatyoself

- We Vibe: A great U-shaped sex toy for a person with a vagina and a person with a penis to share! Part of the WeVibe is inserted into the vagina with texturized silicone stimulating your G-spot once penetration commences, and the other part sits on top of the vulva and stimulates the labia & clit with its vibrator.

2. Bootie Set The Bootie Set produced by the Fun Factory is a set of three butt plugs; small, medium and large. Whether you’re an anal beginner or pro, this set offers variety for whatever mood you’re in. The curved base allows for gentle prostate stimulation. Bootie-licious!

3. Black FoxTall Handcuffs Sexy and comfy, these vegan handcuffs come lined with faux fur for a soft feel. No keys needed, the powerful velcro hold things securely in place yet is great for easy on and off. Great for getting your kink on!

4. Lollipop Flogger This cute and easy-to-aim riding crop comes with a cherry red silicone pad that provides a resounding smack to guarantee some bedroom power play and kinky fun—if leather paddles can be a bit much for you and whips too stingy, try the lollipop.

5. Sliquid Lube Sliquid lubes are all vegan friendly, gluten, parabens, glycerin and cruelty free; that means no animal testing or byproducts. You can find a sliquid for every occasion, they come in all flavors (or lack thereof) and compositions, for any need or body type. For a silky smooth feeling and a lube that never dries out (even underwater), we highly recommend Sliquid Silver. If you are more on the sensitive side, try their organics line.

6. Bondage Tape Bondage Tape is fabulous for many reasons, mainly because it sticks to itself, but not to skin. The light-proof tape can be used in many ways, from blindfolding to restraining, and can be thrown away or smoothed out and rolled back up. Endless possibilities!

7. Guide to Getting it On What is a book doing in a sex toy list, you ask? Theres nothing sexier than knowing what you’re doing and especially knowing your own body! Pick up a copy of Guide To Getting It On by Paul Joannides, a comprehensive manual that covers every topic a couple could possibly be curious about. Informative, varied and entertaining, if you were to own one instructional book about sex this would be it.

8. Strap On Regardless of your sex or gender, every couple can enjoy a strap on. Whether you want to peg a booty or penetrate a vagina, or both at once, a strap on can allow for some good times. The penetrative part of the strap-on can always be changed to bigger, smaller, curved, straight, texturized… whatever you and your partner might be in the mood for.

9. JimmyJane Afterglow Candle There are many great massage oil candles out there but our favorite is the lush JimmyJane Afterglow Candle. Light the candle and allow it to melt for a few minutes… then use the velvety melted “wax” which is actually massage oil as foreplay to sexy time or as a post-coitus wind down. Hell, use it on your feet if you’ve had a long day. You won’t get enough of the delicious candle.

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