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7 TED Talks That Changed Our Year

A Letter To All Who Have Lost in This Era

In a year rife with populist backlash, this searing letter from New York Time columnist and author Anand Giridharadas is a must watch. Mr. Giridharadas concedes his shortcomings in addressing the cultural and economic issues facing his white middle class counterpart and how doing so helped create a group he now fears.This talk will give you chills, a sense of understanding, and a fresh outlook on our current political landscape.

Let’s Teach For Mastery— Not Test Scores

Creator of the internationally acclaimed Khan Academy, Sal Khan steps from behind the screen to give us his insight into a major shortcoming of our current education system. As always, Mr. Khan will help you understand a problem and how to solve it. He contends that in order to build a strong student we must first build on a solid foundation. This is a wonderful Talk for anyone interested in the education system and technology.

How Fear of Nuclear Power is Hurting the Environment

In under fourteen minutes climate expert Micheael Shellenberger will have you rethinking your position on nuclear power. As Clay. A Johnson wrote in The Information Diet, “Don’t believe everything you think.”

Why Open a School? To Close a Prison

Mott Hall Bridges Academy became an international sensation in 2015 when Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton shared stories from several of its students. As a result, 1.2 million dollars were raised to support the school which resides in one of the most underserved and violent areas in New York City. In this TED Talk principle of Mott Hall, Nadia Lopez, shares her story of how the school came to be, why it is so successful, and where she’s leading it into the future.

The Urgency of Intersectionality

In perhaps the most powerful TED Talks I’ve ever seen, civil rights advocate Kimberle Crenshaw breaks down the concept of intersectionality and how to combat trickle down social justice. This Talk is an absolute must watch.

How We Talk About Sexual Assault Online

Writer and activist Ione Wells shares her personal experience with sexual assault and the aftermath of its affects. She’s the creator of the #Notguilty campaign that gives victims an outlet to share their stories and their message. She also touches on the issues of social media and how supporters of even the best causes can sometimes hijack the dialogue. “Sometimes not reacting instantly is, ironically, the best immediate course of action we can take.”

What Will Humans Look Like in 100 Years?

In this unique and somewhat unnerving Talk, futurist Juan Enriquez answers the question, “is it ethical to evolve the human body?” The answer may surprise you.


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