6 Upcoming Rap Artists You May Not Know, But Should

Saba Chicago, IL

Tahj Malik Chandler (aka Saba) is a 22 year-old rapper from a neighborhood in the West Side of Chicago. Saba has established himself as an artist at a young age, and has also managed to collaborate with some of the most high-profile rappers in the game. In 2013 Saba was featured on Chance the Rapper’s mixtape Acid Rap, and more frequently on Chance’s single “Angels”. This year Saba released an album coined “Bucket List Project”, which currently has millions of plays on Spotify. While the content, views and features are impressive, Saba has the potential for his biggest break yet in 2017. https://soundcloud.com/sabapivot

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Topaz Jones Monclair, NJ

Topaz Jones is a 23 year-old rap artist with a funky twist and an unconventional flow…it’s genius. This New Jersey rapper has flexed his groovy flow on his 2016 album “Arcade”. Currently his hit “Tropicana” has over a million plays on Soundcloud, and nearly 100k plays on his song “Winona” featuring Pell. Given all of the recent changes in the