12 Ways To Help The World This Year

We've come to the final day of our 12 Days of Christmas Countdown! We hope you've enjoyed it! We apologize for the break we took from posting, we were busy eating pie! But back to our regularly scheduled programming. We at Howl Magazine hope you are having a beautiful Holiday season and getting prepared to welcome the New Year! In that spirit, and in the wake of many global crisis' festering all of 2016, we've cooked up "12 Ways to Help the World This Year". Here's to actually being the change we wish to see in the world. xx

1. Help the LGBTQ+ Community Through Education and Assistance

The LGBTQ community has made enormous, monumental strides as of late. Once stigmatized and demoralized to remain hidden in the shadows, both in society and in themselves, the community was given hope via the age of information and technology and they fought tooth and nail to be where they are today. However far it may seem the community has come from even a decade ago, much work remains to be done. Psychological pushback, socio-economics, politics and institutional shortcomings continue to shackle the LGBTQ community. That’s why this year its important to not only support the community in your mind and heart, but with your voice, your actions and your wallet. Attend lectures, read LGBTQ literature, volunteer and/or donate to these organizations and charities doing some incredible work to help advance the cause and well being of a community we’ve held back for so long. Below are some of our favorite foundations for you to check out!

• Happy Hippie • Fundación Arcoíris (Mexico Based)

• Black and Pink Org

• Glaad

2. Do Your Part for Climate Change

There are very real and tangible solutions to mitigating the damage of global warming and the harmful effects we’ve had on this Earth we call home. As carbon dioxide, surface temperature, methane, population, water use, and transportation continue their rapid incline it is important to start doing your part right here and now. If you need a wake up call read The Economist’s “Liquidity Crisis” article on November fifth. In it, they reported that half the planet will live in areas of water stress and 33 nations will face extremely high water stress by 2040. Many solutions will have to come from governments and enterprises who have the infrastructure and capability of affecting massive changes, however steps can be take on an individual level to assist. A comprehensive, easy 25 simple solutions can be found on the EPA’s website ((https://www.epa.gov/climatechange/what-you-can-do-about-climate-change). In addition to these 25 steps, here’s a few nonprofits deserving of your attention and your donations.

Below are some great organizations for you to check out!

-Leo DiCaprio foundation

-Ocean Conservancy

-Rainforest Action Network (RAN)

3. Encourage the Arts

The arts contribute over 700 billion dollars a year to the U.S. economy and make up 4% of the total GDP. In addition to this the art’s sector employs over 4 million people making the industry an integral part of our community’s identity and economy. In 2017 support local arts agencies and companies who are eliminating barriers for participation for minorities and up and coming artists. This year, don’t see Transformers #12 (or whatever number we’re on), instead support independent filmmakers and local artists. In addition to your support make sure to create yourself! Art is one of the greatest outlets for our passions, hopes, and fears. Take up the pen and paper and create this year, believe it or not, the world needs it (as do you most likely).

Below are some great organizations for you to check out!

- Pioneer Works