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It's Valentine’s Day, and whether single, coupled, poly-paired, or avoiding labels and relations altogether, the day holds a mix of joy, sadness, chocolate, and anxiety for many. While I have personally always loved Valentine’s Day, a day in which eating as much chocolate as one’s heart desires is socially acceptable, this year I feel as though the day is bigger than dark chocolate covered almonds. The current political climate, in which female reproductive rights and access to reproductive healthcare are topics of discourse and potentially dangerous decision-making, has presented the perfect opportunity to advocate for self-love and community involvement. This opportunity presents itself through advocacy for Planned Parenthood, an organization that supports reproductive rights for all and provides multiple services crucial to the well-being of sexually active AND non-sexually active individuals. This Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spread the love through creating a “love letters to congress” party, in defense of and advocacy for Planned Parenthood, which happens to be celebrating its centennial this year. A tangible, solution-based way to further social justice and to have your voice heard is through becoming a “Planned Parenthood Defender” and organizing a fun, last minute advocacy get-together with your friends. All you need are a few pens, some paper, scissors (to create paper hearts), envelopes, stamps, some chocolate (it is Valentine’s Day), and a bottle of wine (or a nice cup of tea) depending on individual and group preference. Write out a moving yet hilarious haiku on reproductive rights (i.e. “my vagina, mine// ovaries, underrated// planned parenthood, strong”), or a proper letter to the senate, stating why you personally care about Planned Parenthood and the services that they offer.

Share the love this Valentine’s Day by making your voice heard and sending “hearts” of strength and candor to congress. You can also call your senators and literally make your voice heard. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day a day of justice and positive social change!

More information on how to become a PP defender can be found at:


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