"A Story The World Needs To See": This Weekend In Berlin

Berlin-based art collective Curated by Girls, is putting up an exhibition during Berlin Feminist Film Week called "A Story The World Needs To See", featuring 27 artists from around the globe. The show will explore the relationship between the body and soul, opening an honest dialogue about feminism, gender, sexuality, and diversity, with a touch of provocation and humor.

"The world is full of creative individuals and our duty is to celebrate them, as much as we can," The CBG team tells us, "The exhibition “A story the world needs to see" will try to show you the different phases of how oneself constructs its own identity: communication, pain, and release. How do we self-identify?"

The show is now open and will run through to this Sunday, March 12, at Agora Rollberg in Berlin. We encourage you all to go experience the show and catch a screening the Film Festival is offering!

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