A Glimpse Into the Future: Gorsuch’s confirmation reveals Democrats plan for Trump

Source: fortune.com

As Mr. Gorsuch’s hearings progressed and the nominee, though forcibly affable, failed to successfully win over Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, or to the body at large, pundits began asking Democratic leadership if it planned on filibustering the nominee. Filibustering, the act of prolonging speeches to obstruct the progress of the Senate assembly is a strategy used by the minority party to hinder the majority’s ability to pass legislation or confirm a nominee. At first, Schumer was hesitant to say he would support such efforts, but late last week he confirmed that he would, in fact, lead a filibuster effort from his party. Since then, 26 Democratic Senators have vowed to follow suit, and only 2 have flat out refused to partake. This week’s article is not about Mr. Gorsuch’s hearings or how he will conduct himself as a member of the highest court in the land, there are an endless number of articles doing just that, instead, we want readers to look at this nomination within the greater scheme of American politics and it’s future. What I want to avert readers attention to is that, in becoming the new party of obstruction, Democrats — though perhaps well-intended — are doing a massive disservice to democracy and deepening the divide of American politics.